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February 15th will mark thirteen years of marriage. When Karen and I got married, we were twenty-two years old and the world was at our fingertips. She had recently started a new job working as a child-care professional, and I was destined to make millions in the financial services field. We had a quaint cape-cod in north Dayton and ginormous plans.

Do you smell that? It smells like the roasting of a delicious turkey, stuffing gently placed on the table, the holidays beginning to permeate the air. All the while your marriage is thrown into a jolt of chaos because routine has been obliterated. From mandatory holiday parties to staying up late so that you can get that green bean casserole done for tomorrow’s event. The holidays have a unique way of taking mild-mannered people and converting them to sleep-deprived zombies that could co-star on the set of The Walking Dead.

Just this past weekend my wife and I had our son’s baseball team over to celebrate a successful year. There were kids everywhere, parents were laughing, and it was an absolute joy. As the chaos subsided and the house came to rest, Karen and I had to go into clean-up mode. Having ten boys aged 8 to10 boys in the house and back yard lends itself to a certain amount of clean up. We were both okay with it; we knew it was coming. 

I’ve been on vacation with the family for the past week, and the Disney Magic amazes me. Since we arrived on the property, Disney has gone out of its way to make us feel special. From the “First-time Visitor” buttons to the cast members calling my kids “princes” or “princesses,” Disney cares about our experience....

This past year I did something I’ve been talking about for several years: I formed a kickball team. I went out on a limb and paid to join the rec kickball league. I signed us up before I even knew we had enough players. I was determined to do something different...

For the past decade I have traveled for the Army. I’ve been around the world and had the pleasure of serving with some amazing people. Throughout that entire time, my wife has stood by my side while never actually going with me. The thing about the Army Reserves is that all my trips require me to leave, then return home. In the Army they call it TDY (temporary duty) and a steady season of TDY is one of those things that can really make or break a marriage.