Tony Miltenberger is a husband, father, and follower of Christ. He is currently serving as the lead pastor at Restoration Church Centerville, ohio.

The State of Your Union

I've always really enjoyed dabbling in politics. I love seeing the agendas, being informed and watching the speeches. Something about watching a good communicator do his/her work is something that I admire. The State of the Union is the Super Bowl of speeches. It is the time of the year when everyone gathers around the President and listens to what the current state of our country is and where the President believes the country is going.

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Not only do I love watching the President, but the audience is pretty amusing too. Watching one party stand and applause while another sits. Watching the Generals in their dress uniforms and Supreme Court Justices. It truly is a spectacle of epic proportions.


I also realize that in my life the State of the Union it is not nearly as important as the state of my union. The state of my marriage.

As much as I want to listen to what the President as to say about our country, I also believe that I should use this time to analyze where I am in my marriage. There is something to be said for evaluating where you are and where you are living in the bonds of holy matrimony.

Would you get a standing ovation for what you have accomplished in the past year?

Would you be proud of what you could report to the community on how healthy your marriage is?

Do you have a vision on where your marriage is going?

As I do an honest assessment of my  own marriage I can admit that I've fallen short in some areas this year. There are areas of my marriage that I need to improve upon, and areas that I've neglected. Things like prayer and communication were spotty at times. In 2013 I really threw myself into my work and missed out on some quality family time. When it came to my priorities I often robbed Peter to pay Paul.

There are also some clear victories for us this year; paying off debt, big anniversary trip to Europe, and growth in our faith. Not to mention the amazing people in our faith community and the development of those relationships. It was a big year for us in that department; our friends are amazing.

My favorite part about the State of the Union is always the end. The President leans in and tells the country where he hopes to take us in the months ahead. The President gives us hope, a clear path, and motivation that we can do this together. The President gets to convey his heart.

Over the last several days I've spent some time casting vision in my own marriage, and for accountability purposes I am going to put them out here for the blogosphere to hear.

  1. I am going to pray with my wife every day in 2014. No excuses.
  2. I am going on a date with just my wife at least once a month. Doesn't have to be at the Ritz, just me and her time. No cell phones allowed. 
  3. Family game night will happen at least once a month. No cell phones, no technology, just family.

In my assessment if I can nail these three objective the state of my union in 2015 will look completely different.

What is the state of your union? What would you like to look back on and say that you did a great job of in 2015?

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