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I have a tree in my front yard that fiercely holds on to its leaves. I don’t know if it is trying to prove something, or wants to win some sort of tree competition, but EVERY SINGLE YEAR the leaves wait so long to come down.

After finishing up day two of the ReThink Leadership conference there is one sentence that keeps ringing over and over again in my head:

The church doesn’t need you to be a savior, it already has one. 

May seem simple to say, but in honest reflection, it is much harder to live out. Here’s why; if you are leading a church then it is likely you care so much about the Kingdom of God you are willing to do anything to see it expand. 

I am yet again at ReThink Leadership conference held in Atlanta, GA. This is the second year in a row that I’ve attended the conference and at the end of day one found it to be an enjoyable experience.

What I love most about this conference compared to others is how niche the conference is: It is a conference for senior leaders. So, the moment you walk into the room everyone speaks the same basic language. I also really appreciate the connections and accessibility to other leaders.

In our last blog we talked about the idea of when to inform the masses. (You can read about it here). In that blog, we didn’t let our kids know that there was a tornado warning till the next morning after the entire event was over. Interestingly enough, when I did tell them their response was, “So what?”  The entire incident led me to a place of wondering: When should we be informing the masses, and when should we be waiting?

I’ll never forget my first day of Basic Training. I reported to 1/34 Infantry Battalion for nine weeks of formation. One of the tools that the Army uses to bring the unit together is to create a battalion slogan. Our slogan was, “Always forward.” Every time we saluted, came to attention, and stood as a unit, we would say that slogan. Every. Single. Time.

I am a self-confessed FOMO (fear of missing out). I like to keep my schedule extremely full. And, to top it all off, I have a little A.D.D. (self-diagnosed). When you put all that together it means that I am busy all the time. Don’t feel bad for me, I do it to myself – on purpose. I love being busy, moving a thousand miles a minute, I love being able to know what’s my next move.