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Day 2 of ReThink Leadership: The Church Doesn’t Need You to Be a Savior (Blog 2 of 3)

After finishing up day two of the ReThink Leadership conference there is one sentence that keeps ringing over and over again in my head:

The church doesn’t need you to be a savior, it already has one. 

May seem simple to say, but in honest reflection, it is much harder to live out. Here’s why; if you are leading a church then it is likely you care so much about the Kingdom of God you are willing to do anything to see it expand. 

So, most of us leaders do ANYTHING. We give up our personal boundaries. We internalize criticism. We put our family and support system on the back burner so that we can do whatever it takes to expand the Kingdom. 

Day two of ReThink was all about taking care of the team and taking care of yourself as a leader. Both of those objectives are critical if you want sustainability in the position of leadership. 

We heard some incredible speakers, with wisdom far too great to encapsulate in one piece of writing. So, instead, I’m just going to give you some of my favorite lines and let you live with them!

Rich people aren’t generous, generous people are generous. – Andy Stanley

You don’t control the miracle. – Jon Acuff

Andy Stanley and Reggie Joiner at ReThink

Andy Stanley and Reggie Joiner at ReThink

The most important leadership decisions aren’t made, they become apparent. – Jud Wilhite

Why should we be generous? Because it helps people! – Andy Stanley

If it isn’t what’s best for them, then it’s sin. – Andy Stanley

Cynicism melts under the relentless hope of the Gospel – Carey Nieuwhof

Interrogate your emotions like Jack Bauer. – Jud Wilhite

You must risk in order to rescue. – Carey Nieuwhof  

Keep smarter worry hours. – Jon Acuff

Don’t break faith before you breakthrough. – Jud Wilhite

Those are some quotes for you to chew on, and just know that I’m still chewing on them as well. Good stuff that is full of things to ponder. And if you ever want to talk about them, don’t hesitate to ask, I’d love to chat with you regarding any of these quotes!

The final thing I want to mention is something I am insanely grateful for; Jon Acuff’s talk at the end of day two. When Jon took the platform, it was obvious I was going to laugh, laughing is what Jon does. Then he stood up there and told us about his anxiety. It was powerful. It was honest. It is what every leader in the room needed to hear. Far too often we neglect the health that is necessary for leadership. Jon gave an honest reflection, and it was powerful. A perfect ending to an amazing conference. 

I can’t wait till ReThink 2018. 

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