Tony Miltenberger is a husband, father, and follower of Christ. He is currently serving as the lead pastor at Restoration Church Centerville, ohio.

Does Your Passion Have Urgency?

Last week I attended a conference at Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church called Change the World. It was an incredible week. I also attended the pre-conference church planting conference called Rooted. Both of them were Spirit filled, and the speakers were dropping truth bombs about following God’s call.                                   

One thing that stuck with me through both events, through the four days of instruction, and through all of the speakers was this one question:

Does your passion have urgency?

Have you ever thought about that before? I hadn’t, and I am a really passionate person. I am passionate about LOTS of things; Jesus, my marriage, family, and that baseball needs to get rid of the designated hitter (to name of few). The list of my passions goes on and on. What about urgency? Does what I proclaim to be passionate about have a call to action? Does it move me to do something?

What I realized this past week is that if your passion has no urgency, then what you are really passionate about is just a hobby.

Think about it; I am passionate about the Cincinnati Reds. Despite the fact I think they are going to be awful this year, I still follow their games, reports, and anything else Reds related. I’m clearly passionate, but I have zero sense of urgency. Do you want to know how I know I have zero sense of urgency? I haven’t bought any tickets. The only thing my passion for the Reds has stirred up is non-actionable items.

Urgency is what turns passion into something that creates movement.

While at the conference the long-time visionary for Ginghamsburg church Mike Slaughter said, “I don’t have time to play church.” Adam Weber, pastor of Embrace Church in Sioux Falls, SD, said, “We are called to be faithful, not fearful.”

Both these leaders exemplified something that can’t go unnoticed – urgency with passion propelled them to where they are today.

Here is the thing about urgency; it can’t be ignored. When you have an urgent desire for something there is nothing other than completing the task that will quench your thirst. Urgency says, “Get this done NOW, or we might miss it!” Urgency is lighter fluid on the passion in your life.

This week, in the wake of a great conference, I find myself nursing an information hangover. So much to think about, so much to pray about: All of which I am now looking at through a new lens.

Does “this” passion, whatever “this” might be, have urgency? 

What are you passionate about? Is it moving you to action, or do you find yourself stuck in non-actionable items?

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