What are we doing here?

I firmly believe that life together is complicated, yet insanely rewarding. Through blogging, podcasting, and preaching I try to share some truths that I’ve learned through my journey. You’ll find that I am passionate about my faith, family, and sports.


This blog is what started it all, and for four years I was super faithful about writing. Now… well, not so much. Every now and then I’ll add new content. Some good content in the archives on this one.

Reclamation Podcast

In this podcast our goal is to help busy reclaim good practices of faith and life. Mostly interview form, but on occasion you’ll find some monologues. All podcasts are downloadable, and can be found on itunes.

Restoration Church Sermon Podcast

Weekly audios from Restoration Church, Centerville, Ohio. Most sermons run from 15 minutes to about 35 minutes. All sermons are downloadable and can be found on itunes.