#9: Life on Mission

In this podcast, I sit down with Justin Gravitt who is part of the team with the Navigators Church Ministry and specializes in the area of disciple-making. Justin goes in-depth to talk about how we are all called to make disciples in every community we serve. Justin drops some serious truth-bombs!

#8: Addict to Entrepreneur - the story of Jay Meyer

Every person has a story that is full of twists and turns. Jay's story takes more twists than most. Coming out of a successful college basketball career Jay turned to pills to help regulate his emotions. During our conversation, we discuss what it means to overcome addiction and eventually turn his life into a routine of consistent success. I know you will love this conversation with this incredible Christian, entrepreneur, and addict.

#7: Building Faith in Community

Do you ever think that the church should look or feel different? These two pastors did and then decided to do something about it. In our conversation, we sit down to discuss the implications of community and faith. In addition to their community based approach they lead as co-pastors of this God movement. I know you’ll enjoy this conversation with these incredible young leaders.

#6: From Baseball to Business

In this episode of the podcast we sit down with Christian entrepreneur Mike Mathile. Mike was drafted by the Expos and when his career ended prematurely he moved into the business sector after receiving his MBA from Notre Dame. Mike and the entire Mathile family have successfully navigated what it means to be a family united forever in their platform to make the world a better place one life at a time.

#4: Confessions of a Pastor's Wife

Do you ever deal with resentment? Ever like to throw pity parties for yourself? In this episode, our guest talks about how she overcame both to get into her God calling. I think you are going to love this honest and vulnerable conversation with pastor's wife (and a lot more) Lindsey Cunningham.

Reclamation Podcast Episode 3 - James Keith Posey

James Keith Posey is a singer/songwriter, executive pastor, father of four, and a husband to his wife Denise. Throughout the course of our conversation, we talk through what it means to schedule creativity as well as how to be present for all your kids. Don’t miss this life-giving conversation with a guy trying to figure it all out!

Reclamation Podcast Episode 2 - Rosario Picardo

In this episode, we explore the life of Rosario "Roz" Picardo, and one of the unique functions of Roz's life is that he does multiple jobs at a high level. And manages to do them all while keeping a deep faith and a strong family. If you are the kind of person that feels like you are doing a million things you won't want to miss this episode.