Maximizing Relationships

One of the things that I love most about this season is the intentional look at relationships. Relationships matter so much and in so many different ways. Whether we want to admit it or not the world we live in is built on relationships, and our success (or failure) is often determined by our ability to navigate them carefully.

Reclamation Podcast Episode 3 - James Keith Posey

Do you ever look at someone’s life and ask the question: How do they do it all? I know I do. And one of my long-time friends is often the object of that question. I was so excited to have him on the podcast, and it’s more than just his ability to “do it all.” What I love most about James Keith is his unique style. He does it his own way.

Three Steps to Scheduling Creativity

One of the things that has really vexed me in the last year is finding time to be creative. I want to be a person that creates stuff, and while I’ll use the term creativity loosely (because I am certainly not artsy) what I have realized is that in some form or fashion we all can be creative.

Reclamation Podcast Episode 2 - Rosario Picardo

Do you ever find yourself going a thousand different directions all at the same time? I know I do. It often feels like I am managing different parts of my life and yet they all need attention. What I love about this interview is that we get a behind the scenes look at how a guy with four different jobs manages to stay afloat.