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#20: Kids, Anxiety, and Sports: Charlie McMahan

I have long believed that God doesn’t specialize in perfection, instead God specializes in redemption. Taken the brokenness in our life and turning it in to an opportunity for glory of God to be seen on Earth. Those words could not have been more true for the ministry of my guest on this week’s podcast Charlie McMahan.

Kids, Anxiety, and Sports

Dive into the anxiety, the intensity, and the overall feelings around youth sports. In my latest podcast I give a short teaser (about 15 minutes) of thoughts on the topic. However, over the next four weeks we are going to do a deep dive.

Four weeks, four interviews, and a whole lot of thought. I’m excited to be on this journey with you and I pray that this topic influences you as much as it has influenced me.

One full week. We are one full week into school and the rhythmic change to our lives is noticeable. Honestly, I think we all just want summer back. We want the days of no “real” schedule, of sleeping in, of not being rushed. In our first week back we almost missed the bus once, one child forgot her school ID, and the big child has been grumpier than I’ve ever seen him. 

Recently, the area where we live endured some pretty serious storms. It was straight-line winds, fierce lighting, and thunder that made the whole house shake. Karen and I were immediately awakened by the noise and in minutes we were watching the storm unfold. In that moment, we learned that there was a tornado warning for the area immediately to the south of us, and the powers that be advised that we seek cover. I happened to be watching the radar at the moment of the notification and I couldn’t see the need for cover. I kept watching, and then Karen & I wrestled with the big question: Should we wake the kids?