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The #1 Question I've Been Asked Recently: How did you get on CNN?

The bottom line - it was some combination of dumb luck and the Holy Spirit.

See, I wasn't the first person they asked. CNN had reached out to another pastor who I am friends with, and when he was unavailable he referred them to three other pastors in Centerville (of which I was one).

I responded saying I was willing to help. The original plan was that all three of us on the email would be doing the interview, but apparently, I was the only one who responded.

Three years ago, I walked into the church like a starving man on Thanksgiving Day. I wanted to grow, I wanted to grow younger, I wanted soooo many things for the Kingdom of God. Some things I prayed for but didn’t understand, some other things I thought I understood, but never prayed for.

This week I was humbled and overwhelmed with the incredible amount of birthday love. It was a great week spent with family and friends. I also spent some time reflecting on what a year it had been. In retrospect, this has been one of those defining years in my life, the type of year that I will never forget. Here are the top ten things I learned (or remembered), in no particular order:

I woke up this morning reflecting on what it really takes to change the world. The last several days were amazing. Speakers like Adam Hamilton, Diana Butler Bass, Rachel Held Evans, and my own pastor, Mike Slaughter, made some incredible points on the status of the modern-day church. Each speaker had a very carefully crafted and unique message on what it takes to change the world, and yet I walked away.....

I recently made a long drive from Ohio to Washington D.C. and I need to be honest with you; it was the ugliest drive I've ever seen. It was like God had reached down and painted the entire landscape of the nation gray. There was no sun, there were no clouds, just a gray back drop to the country side that was quite forgettable. The trees had no leaves, there was no evidence of anything that could have even possibly bloomed. There were piles of old snow, riddled with dirt and grime.