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Redefining Church: A Lesson in Community

 What if preaching isn’t really that important?  

Think about it; most preachers/teachers spend ten or so hours preparing a thirty minute message only to have the congregation digest ten minutes (?) of the actual material. And the truth is we live in a content rich environment. Almost all the great communicators are accessible via the interwebs, and if you want to listen to some outstanding messages they are literally at your fingertips.

I have strong opinions on disciple-making, and I went in with a critical eye of what to expect from these organizations. Thankfully, they didn’t disappoint. We spent hours talking about what disciple-making looks like in the local church, and it was intriguing to hear people discuss a call back to authentic community. One of the major themes this year is that people wanted to be connected in deeply personal relationships.

I believe there are there are certain people in life who always have something to share. They are wired to speak and give their opinions openly with pride. I would put myself into that category. I often find myself wanting to speak out on subjects that I am passionate about, and honestly, I can be passionate about almost anything. Some people just love that about me. On the other hand, I have also alienated, hurt, and put people off because I decided that they were going to hear what I had to say wether they wanted it or not.

Well, we are one day into lent and I have already flubbed at least once. I didn't mean to, actually I did mean to - I flubbed on purpose. The pizza was right there and it looked delicious. I don't regret it, but it got me thinking about how much I will waffle on my lenten promises. What makes some years better than others? How do I negotiate the next 40 days so that I can arise a Lenten champion?