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The above statement even feels crazy to type. I’ve had some type of affiliation with the Army Reserves since 1 July 1998. For nineteen years, I’ve been carrying a military ID in my wallet, heck, I can still remember the name of my recruiter. The Army and I have been through a lot together, it has shaped me, molded me, and brought me along in my faith journey.

Those words might be some of the scariest in the English language. I’m not sure anything can upset the delicate balance of nature quite like changing service times. For some it feels like an earthquake, for others it is a declaration of war. Changing service times is a difficult task even for the most seasoned churchgoer.

The more I wrestled with this, the more I thought about it in my own life. What has caused me to change? I’ve never changed for someone screaming at me from the corner. I’ve never changed because someone waived a Bible at me and told me I was wrong. I’ve never changed because of a rant on Facebook.