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This Easter that exact thing happened to me.  I’m pretty involved in the church community. I wasn’t always that way.  I used to not go to church at all. When I did it wasn’t for big events like Easter, because I was a put-in-the-minimum kind of guy. That has all changed now that I am a semi-responsible adult with children of my own.  Now I’m heavily involved in the church -- and I mean heavily. 

Easter morning was an amazing day full of love, laughter, and the Holy Spirit. The church that I serve had undergone a major transformation, and to have so many new visitors be in the space, followed by a powerful time with God, was, well, a great morning. It was one of those experiences when I found myself looking around and saying, “Wow.” I felt as if the church and all that God was doing through our community was clearly on display. I was incredibly humbled by the response, the visitors, and the Spirit that was following through the church.  

Can I confess something to you? Lately, I feel as if  I can’t pray enough, that no amount of time talking to the Lord is going to be enough. My heart has been yearning for more and more time. I find that during this season all I can do is pray and pray and pray.

I love Easter. As a guy who works in the church and someone who loves following Jesus, Easter has quickly become one of my most favorite holidays. Over the course of the weekend, we had seven worship celebrations with thousands of people in attendance and we celebrated....