Tony Miltenberger is a husband, father, and follower of Christ. He is currently serving as the lead pastor at Restoration Church Centerville, ohio.

The One Thing I Hope to Get Out of The Upcoming Sermon Series

So, do you ever get that feeling that you know you have to do something, and at the same time you know it is going to suck a little (or maybe even a lot)? I’ve been wrestling with that feeling since November, and it is all about this upcoming series.

I have so many thoughts that this is going to be incredibly difficult. That it was going to spark debate, and that it could even be controversial.

I was crystal clear that I got a nudge from God that this series was something we were going to have to do, we were going to have to come together and talk about the difficult events happening in the world. We would have to talk about worldview, refugees, devastation in Paris, and ISIS. We would have to talk about those things, and at the end of it all ask ourselves: How are we supposed to respond in faith?

So, for the next five weeks we (as a community) will embark on the most difficult task that any community has; discussion. Discussion about the difficult things in life, and the hope is that through this discussion we can grow as believers.

Here is the hard part about all of this, it isn’t the discussion, it isn’t the worship, the hardest part will be keeping an open mind. Open to more discussion, open to more dialogue, and open to someone else’s opinion.

The one thing I hope to get out of this challenging and difficult series is open-minded discussion. I know it may sound like a unicorn in the rainbow forest, but just imagine what life could be like if we all sat down together to have just one open-minded conversation!

Over the next several weeks please be in prayer for the one thing we all need; open minds.  

To watch the series online please check out the Centerville United Methodist Church website here.

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