Tony Miltenberger is a husband, father, and follower of Christ. He is currently serving as the lead pastor at Restoration Church Centerville, ohio.

Don’t Confuse Emotional with Fragile

I have been in a lot of emotional conversations lately. The people I have been meeting with are really emotional about their position, their situation, and their story.  I love emotional people. I can relate to them; I am one of them. I am pretty sure that with the right motivation I could even create an emotional argument about the type of paper that is best for the Sunday bulletin.

I enjoy love stories. I cry. I even teach my boys how to start a sentence with the words, “I feel….” I do all of this because I think emotion, specifically well expressed emotion, is the key to making strong people. I believe that individuals who can identify, articulate, and express their emotions become well balanced members of society.

The ability to express our emotions is a skill that is wildly underrated.

I would argue that somewhere along the way being labeled as “emotional” leads people to think that we are fragile. Fragile things break; they normally shatter. If something is fragile it doesn’t bend, give, or have any flex. 

Emotional people respond to situations emotionally, and we normally wear our hearts on our sleeves.  But being emotional doesn’t mean that we are fragile. Please don’t confuse my strong, over-the-top response to mean that this situation will break me. The truth is that I just need to have my moment, and once I have had my emotional moment I will be back stronger than ever before.

Well-expressed emotions are a key in developing strong relationships and a better-balanced life. Who needs to hear your heart?

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