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11 things I love about my wife in our 11th year of marriage

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Saturday the 15th, 11 years ago, I stood in front of an alter and made a covenant to be married to my best friend for all the days of our lives. It was a wicked cold winter full of snow (much like this one).

Still, when I look back on that day I only remember the joy. From shoveling the driveway in my tuxedo to adapting a mini-van into a limo because our limo cancelled. All of it reminds me of what a lucky guy I am to be married to my high school sweetheart and best friend.

This year for our anniversary I chose to write the 11 things I love about her the most. This weekend I had the opportunity to share it with her and she has agreed to let me share it with all of you.

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1. Her passion. When my wife gets fired up about something she isn't afraid to let the whole world know about it. Thanks for never being afraid to show your emotions.

2. Her authenticity. My wife doesn't believe in BS - she is a truth teller and does so with her heart on her sleeve. Thanks for always being real.

3. Her fun. My wife is the party, she walks into a room and people know it. She loves to dance and laugh. Thanks for having fun.

4. Her eyes. When I look into her eyes I get lost. She has a depth that I can't describe, and words would never do justice. Thanks for having depth.

5. Her ability to challenge me. No one has a better BS detector when it comes to me, she is always keeping me humble and pushing me to new heights. Thanks for always pushing me.

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6. Her ability to follow me. She supports me always and is always willing to follow my crazy ideas. Thanks for letting me lead you.

7. Her loyalty. She has had the same friends since kindergarten. She sticks by them no matter what. Once you are in her inner circle you are there forever. Thank you for being fiercely loyal.

8. Her creativity. If Karen wasn't around I would probably live in a house with nothing on the walls and black decor everywhere. She is constantly finding ways to put color in my world. Thanks for being the spice in my life. 

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9. Her hospitality. I love people, and without my wife it would be impossible to host them. No one does a better job of preparing for people than Karen. She makes my extroverted dreams of having people in our home come true. Thanks for being hospitable. 

10. Her good looks. I mean, c'mon, I clearly out kicked my coverage. Thanks for being hot.

11. Her faith. I love the way she talks to the Lord, her discernment, and her ability to connect with God. She does a fantastic job of role modeling what it means to walk in faith. Thanks for walking with me.

Relationship Challenge

This week continue to celebrate love and Valentine's day by writing a list of the things you love most about your spouse. Do one thing for every year you've been married. Make sure you do at least 5 - no matter what!

Once you have the list take the time to sit down knee to knee and share it. Be sure to look each other in the eyes and always say 'thank you.'


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