Tony Miltenberger is a husband, father, and follower of Christ. He is currently serving as the lead pastor at Restoration Church Centerville, ohio.

One day at a time. Part 2.

I recently posted about my journey on recovery and how much I've become aware of the world around me through the phrase one day at at time. The truth is I'm also learning so much more about what that statement really means. 

One day at a time is also about being present. 

I'm learning that one day at a time means showing up in an authentic, honest, and vulnerable kind of way. A way that requires me to put down my addictions and be there for the people that matter the most. Sometimes when I drank it was to take "the edge off." I was using it as a coping skill, but the question I started asking myself is a coping skill from what? 

I was coping from looking at myself. I was coping from having to be present in all of my relationships. I'm really starting to believe that life should have an edge on it. We should come home and need to process all the people, thoughts, and actions that we had during the day. One day at a time is a commitment to being there for those we care about.

Jesus illustrates what this looks like in Matthew 26:36. He is on the verge of his certain death and he asks for one thing from his closest friends. He says, "Sit here while I pray." Jesus is simply asking them to be present for him. Not to worry about what is going to happen next, or strategize what the marketing campaign looks like during the festival so that he can be released. Jesus simply asks them to be present.

We are all in recovery from something. For me it started with this challenge to stop drinking, but it hasn't ended there. I wrestle with a huge ego daily, with a need to be heard, and when I'm at my worst I manipulate people to get what I want.

When I'm at my best, I am present, receptive, and I let God work through me. I believe that relationships, discipleship, and leadership all start to change when we go from where we ought to be to being where we are right now. In those moments we can begin to change the world, one day at a time.

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